HIOS BLG-5000 BC1-HT Electric Driver | 0.5-2Nm

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HIOS BLG-5000 BC1-HT Electric Driver

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Product Information:

  • Brushless motor for less maintenance, longer life and less pollution
  • New Two -way start, lever or push to start
  • Easy Torque adjustment
  • Auto shut off
  • Output Torque Range: Nm 0.5 - 2.0, lbf in 4.3 - 17, (kgf cm) (5 - 20)
  • Speed Hi 730 Low 490rpm
  • Screw Size: Small Screw Size 2.0 - 4.0mm Tapping Screws 2.0 - 3.0mm
  • Torque setting stepless
  • 1/4HEX

New Features To This Range

  • You can control the screw tightening count with one hand (1 to 99 screws). 
  • Faulty tightening can be detected (e.g., incomplete tightening, jamming, cam-out, stripped screw hole, etc.). 
  • A buzzer and LED warn pass/fail every time a screw is tightened. 
  • It prevents human errors in operations! Supports accurate screw tightening and reduces the operator's fatigue.

About Hios Brushless Screwdrivers

1.Quick release cord

The screwdriver cord features a quick release allowing maintenance to be performed easily
(The cord on the VB Series is permanently connected and cannot be detached).

  • 5P (pin)
    Standard screwdriver
  • 6P (pin)
    Screwdriver for use with screw counter
2.Employs an antistatic body case
(standard specifications)
The brushless series uses an antistatic body case to prevent the accumulation of static electricity
(excludes the VB-1820PS, VB-3012PS, VB-4504PS)
3.Trigger type
Lever start type (L) screwdrivers are operated by pulling the lever with your finger. Push-to start type (PS) screwdrivers are operated by pushing the button. Certain models of the BL Series allow either start method to be selected (excluding the BL-2000)
4.Torque adjustment nut for fine tuning
The tightening torque can be steplessly adjusted across a wide range.
Repeatable high precision provides reliable screw tightening.
View FileHios BLG Series Operation Manual    Size: (838.53 KB)
View FileBuilt-in Screw Counter Manual    Size: (283.7 KB)

General Specifications

Start Two-way(Push/Lever)Start Type
Output Torque Range N・m 0.2-1.2
lbf・in 1.7-10
kgf・cm 2-12
Torque Switching Stepless Adjustment
Unloaded Rotation Speed(r.p.m) Low 690
High 1000
Screw Size(mm) Screw size 2.3-3
Tapping 2-3
Bit (selectable)※ Hios shank H4
Hex shank H5 and 5HEX(both can be used)or1/4HEX
Power Supply Model T-45BL
External Dimensions(mm) Grip 38
Length 235
Weight(g) 425
Accessories Bit:
H4 +♯1 (∅4.0×40mm)
+♯2 (∅4.0×40mm)
H5 +♯1 (∅5.0×60mm)
+♯2 (∅5.0×60mm)
1/4HEX +♯1 (5.0×50mm)
+♯2 (5.0×50mm)
- (5.0×50mm)
Cord length(m) 2m(6p)
Lshaped hexwrench Width cross flats:5mm,1pc
Torpue Range Table

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