HIOS Vertical Screwdriver Operating Stand VMS-40 - General Duty

HIOS Vertical Screwdriver Operating Stand VMS-40 - General Duty

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Product Information:
These stands constantly keep the screwdriver in a vertical position, allowing accurate screw tightening and preventing any faulty screw adjustments.
See PDF for full specification details, compatibilty and dimensions

Stand length 515mm 
Weight 2.5kg 
Compatible models All models except VZ screwdriver 

If BL-7000 and VB screwdriver series are used with VMS40 and VMS50, and then the driver holder is sold separately. Please make an enquiry before your purchase.  
View FileHios VMS-40 / VMS-50 Operation Manual    Size: (1.89 MB)

General Specifications

Weight(g)Applicable screwdriversPole height(mm)Accessories
  • 2.5
  • BLG-5000BC2、BLG-4000BC1、BLG-5000BC1、BLG-4000、 BLG-5000、BL-2000、 BL-3000、 BL-5000、BL-7000、CL-2000、 CL-3000、 CL-4000、CL-6000、CL-6500、CL-7000、SS-2000、SS -3000、SS-4000、SS-6500、SS-7000、α-4500、α-5000、α-6500、VZ-1510
  • 515
  • Screwdriver holder ※ (1pc) originally Mounted
    Pole (1pc)
    Arm stopper (1pc)
    Arm set (1pc)
    Pole holder (1pc)
    Base (1pc)
    Mount ring (1pc) (for CL-2000)

Screwdriver Holder

Model Holder Model No. (Order code)
PG Series PG-3000 VMS-0900-PG3
PG-5000 VMS-3910-PG5 (with a spacer)
PG-7000 VMS-0900-PG7
BLG-BC2 Series BLG-5000BC2 VMS-0900-BLG5BC2
BLG-BC1Series BLG-4000BC1/BLG-5000BC1 VMS-0900-BLG5BC2
BLGSeries BLG-4000/BLG-5000
BL Series BL-7000 VMS-0900-BL7
VB Series VB-1510 VMS-0910-PG5
VB-1820/VB-3012 VMS-0900-PG7
VB-1820PS/VB-3012PS VMS-0900-VB18PS
VZ Series VZ-1510/VZ-1510PS VMS50-0190

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