Hios CLT-60 Single Power Supply

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Hios CLT-60 Single Power Supply

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Exclusive power supply is required for DC screwdrivers.

● Exclusive power supply converts the electric current from AC outlet (on the primary side) to low-voltage output (HI: DC30V) or (LOW: about DC20V) to supply it to the screwdriver. 
● Safe and quiet rotation.
● Please always use HIOS screwdriver in combination with HIOS power supply for safe screw tightening.
● Stable power supply with multiple inputs (AC100V to 240V).
(Not applicable to CLT-100 and MC-70L)

Compatible Screwdrivers:

  • CL-2000/CL-3000/CL-4000/CL-6000/CL-6500/CL-7000
  • SS-2000/SS-3000/SS-4000/SS-6500/SS-7000
  • α-4500/α-5000/α-6500
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