Kaisertech ANTI-VIBRATION Workbench

Kaisertech ANTI-VIBRATION Workbench

Anti-vibration table is an essential element of every laboratory.

In order to ensure consistent and proper operation of scales microscopes and measuring devices they are placed on a specially designed granite plate.

All types of vibration that may affect the operation of the devices (generated by other devices in a laboratory or transmitted through the floor) is eliminated thanks to vibroisolators on which the plate is mounted.

Catalogue number Width Depth
RF-030-15375-9003 1530 750
RF-030-18375-9003 1830 750

  • Modularity. The furniture is constructed as a system subject to almost any expansion, which allows its use in many applications, e.g. warehouses, production lines, lecture halls
  • Very high quality and high load capacity

  • ESD industrial furniture is used in such areas as:
  • - Industry (manufacturing and service companies) - many industries, i.e. electronics (furniture with antistatic protection), medicine, pharmacy, heavy industry, etc.
  • - Commercial activities: warehouses (including advanced transport systems, FI - FO), exhibitions, archives, etc.
  • - R&D and education centers, laboratories
  • - Scientific and research institutions - training rooms, lecture rooms, archives, offices, etc.
  • - State institutions - a wide spectrum of applications

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