Hios BLOP-STC3 Screw Counter Power Supply

Hios BLOP-STC3 Screw Counter Power Supply

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The number of screws to be tightened can be set from 1 to 99, with the remaining number counted down after each screw is tightened.

● A buzzer will sound when the final screw has been tightened to notify you of screw tightening completion.
● The countdown number is automatically reset after all screws have been tightened so that work can start on the next job immediately. The screwdriver will not be operable until the next “work set confirmation” SET signal is input (not applicable to SC3 Series).
● Prevents confirmation tightening, additional tightening and secondary tightening from being counted.
● Can be used as a normal power supply by disabling the count function. (Applicable only to BLOP-STC3 and CLT-70STC3)

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