Hios BLG-5000BC1-15 Electric Screwdriver | 0.3-1Nm

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Hios BLG-5000BC1-15 Electric Screwdriver | 0.3-1Nm

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No more overlooked tightening errors!

It prevents human errors in operations! It supports accurate screw tightening and reduces the operator’s fatigue.
A conventional external screw counter is not required. This realizes low-cost introduction of new screwdrivers.
The integration of the screwdriver and the counter is optimal for space-saving operations.

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General Specifications

Start   Two way (push/lever) start type  
Output torque range N.m 0.3-1  
  Ibf.in 2.6-10  
  Kgf.cm 3.10  
torque switching   Stepless Adjustment  
Unloaded rotation speed (r.p.m) Low 1000  
  High 1500  
Screw size Screw size 2.3-3  
  Tapping 2-2.6  
Bit drive Hios shank H4  
  Hex shank H5 and 5Hex or 1/4Hex  
Power supply Model T-45BL  
External dimensions (mm) Grip 38  
  Length(mm) 235  
Weight(g)   425  
Accessories Bit H4 +♯1 (∅4.0×40mm)
      +♯2 (∅4.0×40mm)
    H5  +♯1 (∅5.0×60mm)
      +♯2 (∅5.0×60mm)
    1/4 Hex +♯1 (5.0×50mm)
      +♯2 (5.0×50mm)
      - (5.0×50mm)
  Cord length(m) 2m(6p)  
  L shaped hexwrench Width cross flats:5mm,1pc  

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