ESD Electric Screwdriver - Brushless | 0.2 - 1.60Nm

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ESD Electric Screwdriver - Brushless | 0.2 - 1.60Nm

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Product Information:

Adopted high precision , low inertia and low impact driving brushless motor , long lift , high quality.

Our screwdrivers are designed for use with precision torque locking screws. It can be used for assembly of small items such as mobile phone, cameras and eyeglasses, and large items such as home appliances, computers and furniture.

Low vibration, low noise, meets environmental protection demands.

Brushless motor suitable for cleanroom use

Motor does not generate any carbon particle over flow to reduce air pollution and protect our environment.

Connecting with soft start and speed adjustable function power supply, not only match to changing fastening condition, but also keep the best fastening quality.

With the most prominent gold plated micro switch (The service life of the contact point withstands 10 million on and off contacts.)

Design features separation of screwdriver and control for higher serviceability rate.

Switching power supply plugs directly into screwdriver and supplies stable voltage, provides more accurate torque and longer motor life.

Right-angle (90°) head adapter attaches easily to screwdriver for use in small spaces (>60mm), operates smoothly. (Optional)

Ergonomically designed exterior reduces work fatigue and increases productivity.

No brushes also mean a reduction in maintenance and no brush contamination to the bearing or environment which also makes this screwdriver safer when in contact with fluids due to the elimination of arcing. Lastly due to the lower thermal resistance, these drivers are capable of operating in wider temperature ranges, have higher torque to inertia ratios, and greater acceleration.

Power Supply (Included)
The standard power supply packed with all drivers offers the option of running at either low or high speed and has built in soft start.


Electric screwdrivers are the preferred tool for industrial assembly causing less contamination to the environment and requiring less maintenance. Our lever-start industrial models feature a comfortable light weight design and accurate torque control.

Power screwdrivers are selected based upon the torque control setting required. All models feature fully automatic shut-off, resulting in a motion close-down once the torque setting is reached. Electric screwdrivers listed are ESD safe. Brushes are lead-free carbon/silver for long life.

Please contact the sales office if you require push to start drivers or non ESD safe drivers


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General Specifications

  • Torque: 0.2 - 1.60Nm
  • Rotation Speed: 700-1000 rpm
  • Comes with PSU

Model       BS-6000  
Power source 30VDC
Torque range       2.0~16.0/1.7~13.9  
No load speed rpm       700-1000  
Torque setting Stepless
Available Machine Screw       2.2~4.2/0.08~-0.14  
Screw mm / in
  Tapping Screw       2.0~3.2/0.08~0.12  
  mm / in
Weight g / 1b 412g/0.91b
Length mm / in 227mm/8.9in
Available bit shank ψ5 or 1/4"(6.35) Hex shank
Power consumption W 60
Available power supply APS-301A
Clutch impact Just one time when torque up

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