ASA ESD Electric Screwdriver - Brushed | 1.2-4.0Nm

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ASA ESD Electric Screwdriver - Brushed | 1.2-4.0Nm

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Product Information:
This is a brand new electric screwdriver range featuring a new DC motor. The benefits of this new motor design are to improve durability and offer a wider range of torque and r.p.m - this is due to the high quality extra strong magnet, low electric current and stable rotation. This is a low voltage, auto shut-off driver with a power supply especially designed for long use and with a high/low speed setting. Externally replaceable brushes offer greater ease of maintenance and high durability.

Power Supply (Included)
The standard power supply packed with all drivers offers the option of running at either low or high speed.

Electric screwdrivers are the preferred tool for industrial assembly causing less contamination to the environment and requiring less maintenance. Our lever-start industrial models feature a comfortable light weight design and accurate torque control.

Power screwdrivers are selected based upon the torque control setting required. All models feature fully automatic shut-off, resulting in a motion close-down once the torque setting is reached. Electric screwdrivers listed are ESD safe. Brushes are lead-free carbon/silver for long life.

  • High precision, super-large torque output.
  • Low-voltage DC motor, safe and comfortable to use.
  • Exterior-mounted carbon brush allows easy replacement.
  • Uniquely designed for repair work on production lines, minimizing downtime.
  • EMC approved.
  • High speed type 'S'
  • Push-to-Start type available 'PS'
  • Power supply included

Please contact the sales office if you require push to start drivers or none ESD safe drivers

General Specifications

  • Torque: 1.2-4.0 Nm
  • Rotation Speed: 700 rpm
  • Comes with PSU

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