BOSCH AHC Spindle 12 V 0,3 W

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BOSCH AHC Spindle 12 V 0,3 W

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Nominal voltage UN 12 V
Nominal power PN 0.3 W
Nominal current IN ≤ 3 A
Maximum current Imax 15 A
Nominal force FN 500 N
Maximum force Fmax 3400 N
Adjustment speed vN 5 mm/s
Direction of rotation Anti-clockwise rotation
Degree of protection IP 50
Weight 0,633 kg
Clockwise I to (-), II to (+)
Anti-clockwise I to (+), II to (-)
Footnote 1 A square-wave period is generated for each turn of the armature.
Length (unpacked) 220 mm
Width (unpacked) 150 mm
Connector Connector Housing TE AMP 968182-1 Connector Locker TE AMP 0-968183-1 Connector Terminals TE AMP Junior-Power-Timer 0-927768-1 (x2) TE AMP Micro-Timer-III 0-968052-1 (x2)
Hallsensor Yes

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