Sievi ESD Planar 1 S3 Shoe

Product Information:

Sievi Planar shoes are modern safety shoes.

Their soles have excellent grip properties which keep your feet firmly on the ground even on challenging surfaces thanks to new design and sole pattern.

3D-dry® lining and double-cushion Dual insoles guarantee maximum comfort.

Toecap, steel
Protects toes from falling objects and compression. Shock resistance is 200 J and resistance to compression 15 000 N.
Penetration resistant midsole, steel
The steel midsole, prevents sharp objects from penetrating through the sole. Its resistance to nail penetration is 1100 N.
Resistance to oil and many chemicals
Sievi's sole resists oil and many chemicals. The oil resistance of Sievi footwear meets the requirements of the EN ISO 20345 standard.
Footwear designed with antistatic features, discharges the body's static electricity up to tolerances of 100 k? - 1000 M?.
Water repellent
Sievi uses water-repellent leather. Its water resistance meets the requirements of the EN ISO 20345 standard.
FlexStep - Superior shock absorption under the whole foot
The FlexStep sole construction eliminates stress and shocks to the feet and spine, helping to avoid the foot and back pain that can reduce work efficiency and quality of life. FlexStep sole is proven to be a more comfortable and safer way to eliminate impacts.
Sole material PU
The footwear sole is made of FlexStep material. This single density microporous structured polyurethane sole offers very high slip resistance and flexiblity providing excellent shock absorption.
DUAL insole
The Sievi DUAL Comfort insole has shock absorbing cushions made of PORON material which aids comfort to your feet and back.
Through its sole construction, ESD footwear provides a safe and controlled method of discharging the body's static electricity. The tolerances for the resistance of Sievi footwear are stricter (100 k?-35 M?) than for ordinary antistatic footwear (IEC 61340-5-1).
Dry feet with 3D-dry
3D-dry lining, developed by Sievi, transfers moisture from the foot to the second layer of the lining and further through the upper and away from the shoe thus keeping your feet drier and more comfortable.


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Footwear designed with antistatic features, discharges the body's static electricity
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